MancsBound is a group for men who like Bondage in Gear.

We meet at the Eagle, on Bloom Street in Manchester on the 3rd Friday of each month from 7.15pm until 11pm in the Black Eagle. Entry is via the main bar on the far right hand side, look for the signs.

We have a dress code as you can do the naked stuff at home when ever you want, MancsBound is intended to provide a safe space for people, of any experience level, to meet others with similar interests. Group nights tend to be very social with people gathering, chatting and having a drink before anything starts. No one is forced to do anything that they aren’t comfortable with and we have a safe word system in case you find yourself out of your comfort zone. You can always watch what happens whilst having a drink at the bar then take part later.

It’s not just bondage at Mancsbound, you are likely to see some flogging and CP too. Also we have created a soft play area for Pups, Dogs & Handlers which can also be used for hog ties or wrestling.

The group is run by volunteers on a non profit basis, admission and membership fees are used to buy and maintain equipment for members to use (we provide rope, gaffa tape, pallet wrap and stocks) and cover venue costs. More information on the dress code and club rules can be found on our Facebook Page

For Men who like Bondage in Gear