Dress Code


Mancsbound is a fetish event and therefore it is expected that members and visitors dress in appropriate gear, the whole point is that you make the effort. If you don’t want to travel in your gear there are spaces to change and a cloak room to store bags. If you don’t have the right gear then Clone Zone on Sackville Street open until 9pm Fridays.

Mancsbound May 2017

Footwear must be worn as there can be sharp objects (glass) on the floors.

This is a Bondage event so make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable (within the dress code) to allow for this.

Please note we ask that you leave your politics at home, under no circumstances are politically motivated badges, belt buckles and t-shirts allowed at Mancsbound, with the exception of those supporting LGBT rights and Pride.

Here is a rough A-Z guide – it’s not complete by any means – but it’ll give you an idea:

A – Army – Uniform inc Boots, combats (issued not fashion wear) & shirt or T-Shirt – no Fascist Uniforms permitted.

B – Baseball – full kit or similar Rubber/Leather fetish wear

C – Cosplay – Superhero’s, Star Trek, Star Wars etc & Cowboys – Stetson, Plaid/check Shirt, waist coat, chaps, jeans, boots (sheriff badge and lasso optional).

D – Diving Gear (within reason, flippers might be a bit cumbersome)

E – Escapeology – Straight Jackets & Sleep Sacks – not dress code items however they add fun to the event, we now have a neoprene sleep sack and will be adding to our collection.

F – Football/Rugby Kit: of a recognised team – complete, matching shorts and shirt with team socks as well or as close to the real thing as possible. Also other team kits for Baseball, Basket Ball, Hockey & Ice Hockey, Hurling, American Football…

G – Gloves – Leather/Rubber and/or sports

H – Hoods & Masks (combined with other gear)

I – Isolation (something we got used too in 2020 for all the wrong reasons)

J – Jocks (with a harness or t-shirt)

K – Kilts – the real deal or Leather/Rubber

L – Leather – Jeans, Shorts, Chaps*, Shirts, Jackets, Kilts, Hoods also Lycra – Team Cycling Kit, Tri suits, bib shorts, Skinsuits, Hoods etc (Chaps allowed with normal jeans under them or not – bits must be covered)

M – Metal – Chasity devices, cuffs, irons etc (with other gear)

N – Neoprene – Wetsuits, shorts, vest, harnesses

O – Other gear includes: Speedos, Budgie Smugglers, Jammers, Board Shorts

P – Pups & Furries:  tails, collars, harnesses and hoods are optional.

Q – Qualgeist Berlin – a bondage venue worth a visit, check their website for dates

R – Rubber: Apron, T-Shirt, Vest, Leggings, Cat suit, Surf suits, Wetsuits, Wellies, Waders, Boots (including neoprene), Diving Suits, Dry Suits, Shorts, Jocks…

S – Skinhead & Punks: Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, Lonsdale, Schott, Alpha Industies MA1, Traditional Sta Press, Bleachers or Combats with Boots – Braces optional

S – Suits: Tailored business suit with Jacket, Trousers, Shirt, Tie and shoes or boots, waistcoats optional.

T – Trackies & trainers/runners – branded gear such as Adidas, Nike, Under Armour etc

U – Uniforms: Military Issue, Police, Ambulance, however this must be as complete as possible, combats and a vest doesn’t make you a soldier!

V – Vest – Rubber, Leather, Cotton – worn with other gear

W – Work wear – industrial work wear, civilian (construction, rail, bus, high viz) boiler suits or overalls

X – Nothing we can think of here – looks a bit like the St. Andrews Cross which is in the alcove opposite the bar.

Y – You – come along and see for yourself!

Z – Zentai (lycra/spandex) suits and Super Hero costumes (not fancy dress outfits).

T-Shirts can be worn in some cases, for example: Mancsbound, Fetishbound, RoB, Bleachers & Co, Drubskin, Expectations, Regulation, Moody Bear and other fetish company logo products, please check if you have something you are unsure will be acceptable.

Rubber & ropework October 2019


No Cross Dressing.

No Jeans (other than with skinhead gear or chaps).

No political insignia or regalia.

Nudity is NOT permitted (keep your dangly bits covered) Mancsbound is about wearing gear and would also breach the venues rules.

If you have any questions regarding the dress code or rules please contact us as we may have missed something or you have something for us to consider.

For Men who like Bondage in Fetish Gear