Mancsbound is run by volunteers on a not for profit basis.

More details will be added as agreed from time to time.


Greeting people on arrival, handing out membership forms to new joiners and checking they are completed correctly.

Main Desk

Checking members in, double check new joiner forms, taking payments accordingly. Distributing Mancsbound Wristbands according to member request.

Giving a summary of photo, safety & consent policies to new joiners and pointing out where equipment is, reminder to for them to ask volunteers if they need any assistance/guidance.

A prompt sheet is available with all current prices and membership categories is provided.


Keep a watchful eye on behaviours and actions of guests to ensure play is safe and listen out for safe word. Seek assistance if any emergency occurs from venue staff or our first aider.


Free entry, one free drink per shift, Mancsbound T-Shirt after 2nd Shift, entry to volunteer prize draw once a year, occasional branded items.


For Men who like Bondage in Fetish Gear