Here are some questions we get asked a lot, we’ll add more as we think of them or someone asks.

What is Mancsbound?

Mancsbound is for Men and anyone presenting as Male event and safe space for people to socialise in fetish wear and engage in bondage activities

When is Mancsbound? 

Mancsbound is held in the front bar of The Eagle on Bloom Street in Manchester on the 3rd Friday of the month from 6:30-10:30pm 

Does Mancsbound have a Dress Code?

Mancsbound has a varied dress code. You can find the dress code on the website: https://mancsbound.co.uk/dress-code 

Does Mancsbound have rules and regulations?

Yes, and they can be found here: https://mancsbound.co.uk/rules-regs – You must abide by these when attending the event 

Are there costs to join Mancsbound?

Yes; Membership costs £10 when you sign up and can be paid by cash or card. After you’ve signed up, each visit is £5 entry. There are discounts for Seniors and Students. You can purchase advance tickets via the dates-tickets tab and save 20%

Is there a changing room / cloakroom at Mancsbound?

There is a cloakroom in The Eagle back bar; you can store items for a small fee. There are no changing rooms but you can get changed in the bar or bathroom areas

Why do Mancsbound use coloured wristbands on entry?

The coloured wristbands are a fun way of showing how you identify on the Dom/Vers/Sub scale. There’s also ones for new members or undecided.  Apart from being a fun ice breaker, they also allow us to identify that you’ve paid for the event.

Wristbands and advance tickets also can be used to obtain a discount at Clone Zone on Sackville Street.

How is safety monitored at Mancsbound?

At Mancsbound we use a safe word (Sherbet) and explicitly state that attendees should not touch or involve themselves in a scene without consent. Volunteers are also on hand to monitor and provide help and support if there are issues

Does Mancsbound provide support to new members who are nervous?Mancsbound is a friendly and relaxed even where people come together, but we understand that attending your first kink event can be nerve wracking. 

We offer specific wristbands for new people so volunteers can keep an eye out and we also offer space and time for new members to come together and socialise

Do you allow photography at Mancsbound? 

We have an official photographer who will take pictures during the event but you’re welcome to take your own. Please make sure when taking pictures you have the consent of everyone in the photo; that includes people in the background who may not realise they’re in your photo.

Please note that our photographer uses a flash when taking pictures, generally he usually is around for an hour or so which we hope won’t disturb anyone too much.

Can I volunteer at Mancsbound?

Absolutely. We’re always looking for members who want to help with the running of the event. Make yourself known to Terry and he’ll talk you through what we do

Lighting at Mancsbound

You’ll find we have more lighting than other clubs, this is for safety reasons so people can see what they are doing, to enable our volunteers to safely navigate the space and ensure everyone is okay. There are a few darker corners so take extra care in these spaces.

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